2006 Nissan Xterra 4.0L no start not crank sensor

Truck question:

This truck is acting up on me like frequent stalls but start right away. Yesterday, it finally quit and cannot start the engine. Bought a scanner and as per ATS instructions, watched the live data stream to watch crank sensor activity. Did not give any code but noticed the rpm signal quitting during cranking. Also the scanner monitor went blank but came back after cranking the key. Changed the crank sensor but still wont start. Checked spark and I got none. Can you help?

ATS Adviser:

These symptom is common on this model which points to the power supply of the ecm. If you have the power supply diagram, take a look at the IPDM in the right side of the engine compartment. If you remove the cover, you will see rows of relays and one of them is for the ecm relay. The usual test for this is when you have this symptom is to remove the relay and replace it with a relay that look similar to it. Could be one from not important function but as long as it looks similar, use it. You need to replace it with this alternate relay that matched the ecm relay. Do this at key off and once installed, re-start the engine to confirm. If the engine starts, then the IPDM is defective. You cannot just replace the ecm relay with a new one because soon it will be bad again. Also, the relay is not sold separately with the IPDM so you might as well replace the whole IPDM assembly.

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