2006 Hyundai Tucson GLS 2.7L no start no scanner communication

Truck question:

This truck quit yesterday and got it towed home. Scanned for code but scanner wont communicate. Tried scanner on the wife's car and it worked. Reading your ATS fixes, this is a wiring bus communication issue. How do I proceed to test this problem? I have already checked the power and ground supplies to the ecm and they are within limits. Thinking of replacing the ecm anyways but I want to check with you.

ATS Adviser:

This looks like a bus wiring issue but have you checked the crank sensor or ecm in case the wirings are shorted? These are easier to check than the bus communication network.

Using your scanner, you can test the ecm by monitoring your crank sensor signal. At KOEO, check the fuel pressure reading and record it. Then crank the engine and see if the fuel signal remains. If not, it is a crank sensor issue. Now using the power supply diagram for the ecm, trace the output voltage of the main relay or the white brown wire. This is the output voltage that goes to ecm terminal pin 8 and must have 12 volts at KOEO. If you are getting a lower voltage, you have a short in the wiring of the ecm relay. Make sure the ecm relay is properly grounded by running a redundant ground wire from the battery to computer housing.

No communication can be tested at ecm terminal pin 36 (Can H) and pin 37 (Can L). If you hooked up a voltmeter between these 2 terminals, you should get 2.5 volts at KOEO. If missing (open) or higher than this value, there is short in the bus wiring.

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