2006 Hyundai Sonata GLS 2.7L no start crank sensor code

Car question:

How would you check a crank sensor code (P0335) on my car? I got this code after I scanned it but according to ATS, you still have to test the code before replacing the sensor.

ATS Adviser:

The practical way to test this code is to check the wirings going to the sensor. I use a wiring diagram for this and going over the wirings, we have 3 wires going to the crank sensor: black orange wire is the ground and you should get no higher than 0.250 volt at KOEO; yellow wire is the signal wire, you should should get around 20 millivolt during cranking at your voltmeter set at AC and finally the pink wire which shows 12 volts from the battery.

I would assume that the signal voltage would be out of specs right now but if the other 2 have a good reading, you can go ahead and replace the crank sensor.

If you replacing the crank sensor, make sure you get it from the dealer because I heard a lot of horror stories about after market parts. There is also a special instructions on replacing the sensor which strictly require the proper gap to the rector. Improper gap will cause the crank sensor not to work.

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