2006 Hyundai Elantra GLS 2.0L no start stall

Car question:

Just want to run this by you, this car keeps stalling on me and you need to wait 1-2 minutes before it starts again. This morning, it finally quit and friends suggested to replace both crank and cam sensors although I have no codes. However problem is still the same after I replaced those parts. Do you have a quick fix for this?

ATS Adviser:

Try testing first if you have spark or fuel. If one of them or both are absent then we can't really blame the sensors which you just replaced. If there is no spark you need to check ignition system supply from ignition switch to the coil. You need to check the fuses and condition of the power and ground wire supplies. You can measure the ignition output at the ignition coil itself if the battery voltage is there.

Seen a lot of ignition coil failures caused by bad battery ground connection. Use my quick voltage drop test (from previous fixes) to find out if you are getting good ground. ( I remember you need to set voltmeter at 2 volt range and compare voltage reading between battery negative to coil ground versus vehicle frame ground to coil ground). A good wiggling of the wires in the ignition will show you the weak wiring connection if you have a buddy to crank it for you.

If problem is no fuel, you can always verify it with a carb cleaner spray and you can check whether the fuel pump is working or not. If you look at the injector wiring connector diagram, you have a constant battery supply and a ground supply coming from the ecm. Just make sure that is working if not verify the ecm terminal itself if the ecm terminal has good continuity to the injectors.

Finally if you suspect the problem is ecm, just go and check the crank sensor wiring and see if you have a 5 volt reference signal there. If not cut the ecm supply 5 volt wire (or disconnect it if you can) and see if you can find the source of the short in the vref wiring circuit. You need to check also if the power and ground supply to the ecm are within limits.

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