2006 Ford F-150 XLT 5.4L srs fault code

Truck problem question:

I am thinking of bringing my 2006 Ford F150 truck to the dealer but it might be something simple that I can fix myself. When I scanned my check engine light, found out I got an SRS B1884 fault code described as the pad warning lamp defect. This looks just like a bulb replacement job, can I do this myself? What tools do I need?

ATS Adviser:

Looking at the wiring diagram for this SRS circuit, this job can be done easily by anybody. This bulb part is called passenger air bag deactivation indicator. It is located on top of the cluster center trim panel, sitting above the radio and heating control. You can probably get by just replacing the bulb if you can remove it. In any case, the whole assembly is sold as a complete unit by Ford.


Great advise! Got it replaced today. Bought the whole unit from Ford. It's not expensive and the only problem is locating the darn thing. But once you see the new part and the diagram, anybody can find it.

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