Car Question:

I have an intermittent stall on this truck. It would start right away sometimes but lately needed more cranking before it starts. The mil lamp on light is there and had transmission fault code including several loss of communication code. I have checked the 5 volt reference at crank and cam sensor and they both tested OK. What's next?

ATS Adviser:

Troubleshooting intermittent problem on this truck is difficult but there is something that can be done. This intermittent problem is commonly caused by the PCM but wirings must be tested first. Power supply: pin 16 at the DLC terminal (located lower left side of the dash panel) should have 12 volts at KOEO. If not check fuse 8 at power distribution center on the right rear of the trunk. Ground supplies are at pin 4 and 5 at DLC and should have less than 0.250 volt measured against the battery negative of frame. PCM grounds are located at pin 9, 18, and 27 which should have the same readings like the DLC ground pins.

Bus wires pin 6 and pin 14 should be measured in OHMS with battery disconnected. Must have 60 ohms. If not, disconnect each of the Can B and Can C bus modules one by one until that 60 ohm reading returns. if reading shows 120 ohms, then one of the resistor is open and must be replaced together with their respective module.

The goal is to find where the voltage or resistance reading is not normal because of shorted wiring. Sometimes, a defective wiring is caused by loose connections and the way to find that is to wiggle the wires being tested while monitoring the ohmmeter.

Final Fix:

Found a loose white light blue wire at the front control module. Tightened it and has been running a couple of weeks now without stalling. Thanks ATS!

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