2006 Dodge Dakota 4.7L no start weird cluster lights

Truck question:

I was driving home and my truck quit. Being an ATS member, got the truck towed home so I can test it first since I am free on the weekend. I charged my battery overnight and started checking for codes next morning. None showing on the scanner and my dash panel readings are all messed up. Showing overheating but engine is cold (has not ran) and my wipers won't work. The starter would not even crank but if I put a jumper into the starter solenoid, it was fine. Is there a way I can fix this without calling the garage?

ATS Adviser:

Most no scanner communication problems are bus network issue and all you need is a computer wiring data bus line diagram for this engine. Looking at this diagram at my end, the gateway module of the high speed Can bus network is thru the front control module located on the left side of the engine compartment. The Can wires coming from your DLC (where you hook up the scanner) pin 6 and pin 14 and to the front control module pin 9, pin 8, pin 6 and pin 5. You can actually test this "mother load" front control module if this is the culprit or the other modules connected to it like the instrument cluster, radio, abs, hvac, etc except the PCM.

You can run a jumper wire between those 4 pins to bypass the front control module like: Can C bus - to Can C- and Can C bus + to Can C +. If the communication is restored, then this module is no good while if the no communication remains, start unplugging the rest of the modules one by one until the scanner communicate and you have found your problem.

Once you do that and isolated the culprit module, it's a matter of checking the bus connected to it or replace the suspected module. This should help find this problem.

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