Car question:

Need help on this weired car that I just bought from an auction lot. As soon as I got it driven home, it would not start and got no communication with my scanner. The scanner is good because I just used it on my other car. What scared the heck out of me is when I was cycling the ignition switch, sometimes the instrument panel goes completely blank and then all gauges then go all over the place. Just don't know how to proceed so I can fix this without going to a garage.

ATS Adviser:

You would need a few wiring diagram for this because this could be a wiring circuit issue. First I would check the instrument cluster circuit since the symptom looks so obvious and that can be done by testing terminals pin 16 and 17 of the cluster terminals. This is a high speed bus data wires and checking them is easy. Hook up a voltmeter between the two of them and expect to get 2.5 volts at KOEO. Now since the gateway bus module here is the front control module, you can disconnect the bus wire plugins (pin 16 and pin 17) from the instrument panel to isolate it. If this is done and the scanner communication comes back, then the problem is the instrument cluster itself. I believe you can buy a used one from the salvage yard if you can find it.

If after disconnecting the cluster, the communication is not restored, measure both pin 16 and 17 wires for 2.5 voltage at KOEO and if the reading is out, you know the problem is caused by bad bus wires or modules connected to it.

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