Truck Question:

We are wondering why our delivery van keeps getting these codes: P0200 injector circuit fault, P0308 #8 cyl misfire and P0300 random misfire detected. Three weeks ago, it was sent to the dealer and they have replaced the PCM and all injectors but the code came back after a week. This vehicle acts as if it has a mind of its own because the hesitation and misfiring will occur whenever it wants to? Our drivers are now afraid to drive the truck especially in the busy street intersections.

ATS Adviser:

These symptoms and codes seems like its coming from the injector wiring circuits. I would check the injector wiring harness first to check the misfire code. At idle, check the underhood fuse wiring harness and you will see the pink wires that powers the injector circuits. Wiggle these wires especially the ones connected to fuse connector at D10 and C10 terminals which supply power to both cyl # 8 injector and ignition coil # 7.

You can also check the connections at terminal S184 or S185 close to the ignition supply harness which is a common power wiring link for both injectors and the coils. Next, check the ignition coil grounds at S102 terminal on the left rear of the engine and the PCM ground at G103 terminal on the right rear of the engine.

These wiring harness when disturbed would trigger these codes if they are shorted. Just make sure the fuse sockets are clean and tight and watch for wires hanging loose or near hot locations like the exhaust. All of these connector terminals location and colors are shown in the engine wiring diagram.

Final Fix:

Two pink wires going to the ignition coil harness were touching each other. It must have been left hanging loose and without insulation which rubbed and made contact. Thanks.

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