2005 Toyota Sienna XLE 3.3L no start no fuel

Car question:

What could cause this minivan just quit and no start? Funny thing is, I cannot hear the fuel humming? When I sprayed carb cleaner on the intake, it started as long as I was spraying?

ATS Adviser:

There is a common fix in ATS database when this symptom happens. You would need a wiring diagram to the ecm power supply to see the fuel system. It calls for running a jumper wire between the battery positive terminal to pin 3 of the fuel relay plug in located in the left side of the engine compartment junction box.

Turn your ignition key on but do not start and wait until you hear the fuel pump running in the back. Next, put the key off and remove the jumper wire. Re-install the fuel pump relay and you are done.

Heard lots of mechanics having success using this method and this should work for you. Just make sure there is no code because if it does, then this is not the fix.

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