2005 Toyota Corolla CE 1.8L no start misfire mil lamp on

Car question:

I am a new member of ATS and need help on my car. It has no start, misfiring and I have lots of ignition coil codes when I scanned for codes. I want to fix the easy ones first. What is the common fix for these symptoms? Some friends suggest that the maf sensor might need to be replaced?

ATS Adviser:

You did not say what ignition coil codes you had but if you do, that is where you should start. Using the wiring diagram for the ignition coil, each coils has controlled power coming from the ecm called IGF and the wires are color green. I suspect all of them to be 12 volts but verify them anyway. Each coil is fired by getting ground thru the IGT wires during the firing cycle. There is also a white black ground wire common to all the ignition coil which originates at the back of the engine.

You can check each of these wires by practical means like wiggling and tugging the wires to see if any wire is loose or corroded. You can also do resistance test and testing the wires from location of each circuit. If the ground circuit looks questionable, try the old fashion voltage drop test. Don't under estimate the power of visual inspection especially on those old wirings and cables.

One quick test I used is using a voltmeter. You can measure the voltage between battery negative and ignition coil ground wire (which is the white black wire). If you transfer the lead between the frame or body of the car and the coil ground wire, you should see almost identical reading with a limit of 0.02 volt at KOEO. If reading is higher than this, then you definitely has a poor ground connection.

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