2005 Nissan Titan SE 5.6L no start bad fuel smell

Truck question:

Neighbor's truck wont start and we scan the codes and got none. We double checked the spark and fuel and both are present when tested. We were thinking about replacing the crank sensor but since it has spark and fuel it looks doubtful. The tailpipe has a bad fuel smell and we suspect maybe the cam sensor? I know fuel is controlled by cam sensor but if it does register it as a fault code, it looks questionable too. Any ideas?

ATS Adviser:

Based on your symptoms, there is a big probability that the problem is not on those two sensors. Just read the TSBs on this truck and there is a common failure rate for the ecm relay on this engine. If you can get a power supply wiring diagram, you will see it is located in the integrated power distribution module on the right rear of the engine compartment. Inside this module is the ecm relay. You can give it a gentle tap and see if it starts for you. Unfortunately, This relay is not sold separately by the dealer but you can try checking the other relays of this truck and maybe try to swap it (make sure it has the same number of prongs). If problem stops then you fixed the problem.

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