Truck question:

How would you fix this truck which I tested with good spark (using spark tester), good fuel (noid light tester) and good mechanical condition which has INTERMITTENT no start?

ATS Adviser:

I thought I have seen this problem before and I suspect it is electrical. Get hold of a power supply diagram for this truck and trace the power supplies going to both crank and cam sensor. Once you traced it, when the truck is running wiggle the wires. This will check if the wires are acting up or not. If nothing there, take a good look on the power supply going to the ecm.

I believe it comes from intelligent power distribution module (IPDM) and this houses a bunch of power relays including the ecm. Again when you get the engine running, try tapping the IPDM gently and see if the engine will quit. If it does, you found your problem. What some mechanics are doing sometimes is to remove another relay like fog, wiper or tail lamp relay and put in the place of the ecm relay and they claim it works. But remember, when you do this, you have to have that 2 part wiring diagram so you can see everything.

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