2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4.7L exhaust noise

Car problem question:

I owned this 2005 Grand Cherokee since new and lately I noticed small noises in my exhaust. It can heard while on drive and sitting on the lights. I scanned for codes and there's none showing and I read my oxygen sensor readings and they seems to be OK. I had the catalytic converter replaced 2 years ago from a local shop. Is my CAT (catalytic converter) defective again?

ATS Adviser:

You can measure the restriction on your exhaust system by measuring the vacuum reading while cranking. With the PCM fuse disconnected to disable the fuel, crank the engine and see what vacuum have you got. Any reading above 3-5 psi is not acceptable. You should also install OEM CAT too and have the oxygen sensors replaced at the same time. When the CAT goes, the oxygen sensors are already contaminated. Before I forget, disconnect the maf sensor and if it runs with more power, the CAT is definitely restricted.


A new CAT fixed the problem!

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