2005 Honda Odyssey Touring 3.5L mil lamp on

Minivan Question:

This minivan was hit by lightning and I was able to buy the vehicle from a salvage yard for a price I cannot refuse. It runs but only in limped mode and a lot of dash panel lights are coming on from all bus modules. I just joined ATS and do you have a fix for this?

ATS Adviser:

This will be a challenge but see if this information helps.

Most vehicle when struck by lightning will have a no start condition due to the bus modules having no tolerance for sudden spikes of high voltage. A lot of times, all bus modules will have to be replaced before making the vehicle work normally. The cost of repair for labor and parts is soo hig and will make the car insurance companies to write it off.

If you are planning to fix the module codes, replace all the modules but make sure to have the PCM and immobilizer programmed at the dealer. If possible monitor the Kline bus wire from DLC pin terminal 7 and see if you have 5-7 volts at key on engine off (KOEO). If not, disconnect the Kline modules like MICU, SRS, PCM and TPMS receiver (all of these modules can be seen on 2005 Odyssey computer data wiring diagram). To save on costs, you can replace the defective modules with salvage parts.

The PCM module on this vehicle carries the Can H and Can bus wires and they should have 2.5 volts at pin A1 and A36 terminals when measured against the PCM ground terminal B1. If not, disconnect all Can bus modules like Yaw rate and VSA modulator. For more details on Can bus wirings, check the engine performance wiring diagram.

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