2005 Honda Civic 1.8L no start after engine installation

Car question:

We put a used engine on this car over the weekend after the engine has overheated and started knocking. It ran good before installation but why it would not start with the used engine? We bought it from the salvage yard and it came from the same car with correct model and engine size. All sensor connections fits and we double check all the wiring harness after we marked it before removing the engine. Any thoughts?

ATS Adviser:

With all the wirings hooked up to this engine, I would not be surprised if one of the ground wire is missed or installed incorrectly. Looking at the engine wiring diagram, the ground wire is colored black and the main ground wire itself is located at the rear of the engine on the right side. The ecm is also hooked up on the same engine ground terminal. However, there is a 2nd ground wire for the engine that connects at the top right front of the engine. double check that. I believe the transmission ground is on the left side of the engine.

If you have the ground wiring diagram with you, look at G101 and make sure all of the connectors there are hooked up. If you are not sure if all the ground wirings are connected, run a jumper cable from battery negative to the car frame first, then try the ecm body itself if the first jumper connection will not work. Of course another way is to go to the ecm terminals and check there if the ground terminals are alive or not at KOEO. One indicator of a missing ground is by checking the dlc pins 4 and 5 where you hook the scanner. You should have continuity there when you measure the resistance between them and against the engine frame.

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