2005 Ford Taurus 3.0L no crank no communication

Can't seem to find the problem of this car. It has no crank when ignition key is turned on and when I scanned for codes, there is no communication. There is no point in checking the spark and fuel since there is no start but I am thinking it is definitely a wiring circuit problem.

ATS Adviser:

I agree with you for sure and the best way to start is at your DLC terminals. From there you can check quickly with a voltmeter if your bus wires are working or not. You will need a computer data line wiring diagram to fix this. This is the diagram that will give you communication. There are 5 modules hooked up to these modules and if of them are defective or one of the bus wire is shorted, you will loose communication.

The instrument cluster is the gateway module for these 5 modules and inside it you will see 2 types of bus wires namely the high speed bus and the so called MS can bus. The reason your scanner is not communicating with the scanner is because the MS can bus is not working which I suspect.

To verify, check voltages on pin 11 and pin 3 using pin 5 as your ground. Do this at KOEO. If you do not get 5-7 volts, check resistance between pin 11 to fuse 10 at the smart junction box with battery off. If more than 5 ohms, wire is shorted. Do the same on pin 3 and fuse 9 at same smart junction box. Use the same guide. If both wires are good. then you need to replace the junction box. Inside it is where you will find the low current board and this is what I suspect the problem will come from. Another way to test this is to check voltage drop going to fuse 38 at the smart junction box which carries 15 amp. Putting a jumper to a good battery source direct to this fuse might make this work but do this momentarily (like seconds) to prevent damage to your wiring system.

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