2005 Ford F-150 4.6L misfire due to spark plugs

Car problem question:

We just did a tune up on this 2005 F150 4.6L engine and after my father drove it thru the lights, he smelled some fuel odor with engine missing a lot. When we scanned for codes, it should 2 cylinders missing: 3 and 5. According to my father, who owns the truck, he never heard this miss or fuel smell until we did the tune up. We do we start?

ATS Adviser:

Engine miss from 2 cylinders will result in fuel rich condition which can result in bad fuel smell at your exhaust. It's good your father quit driving it right away or the catalytic converter might be damaged. To test the misfire, remove the spark plugs on those 2 cylinders and checked them for cracks and gap measurements. Make sure the spark plug wires are hooked up tight to the boots and no signs of oil contamination. I cannot see the injectors being the culprit if they were OK before the tune up.


Got it fixed! One of the spark plug has a hairline crack and the other has the gap to small than required. I was really hoping something simple like this but it better to ask the experts like yourself. Thank you sir!

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