Below is a 2005 Dodge 1500 truck bus network diagram for the DLC connector. To check NO COMMUNICATION message from your scanner, please follow this simple method as your guide. With the help of a digital voltmeter, you can avoid paying garages to troubleshoot this truck for you.

2005 Dodge 1500 bus wiring diagram

2005 dodge bus communication wirings for dlc

2005 Dodge 1500 Truck Bus Network Description:

This DLC wiring diagram above is comparable to 2003-2004 Dodge trucks that I have discussed before except the bus data network connections are displayed on every modules. The network protocol is slow and high speed bus data won't be used till the 2007 model of this truck. You can trace the DLC pin terminal wirings and paths as long as the bus network terms are not confusing you. For now, just concentrate on the DLC terminal wirings.

The diagram is best used for troubleshooting NO COMMUNICATION problems after doing scanner testing. The symptoms are no starts, stalling, crazy lights showing in your dash and sometimes multiple codes in your scanner.

The most common driver reaction is to bring the vehicle to a garage but by using a voltmeter, you might be able to fix it. Shown below are the DLC terminal pins you need to test:

DLC terminal pin 2 connects to a bus data network called PCI Bus. This is a low speed network similar to GM's Class serial bus or Ford's UBP bus which I also discussed earlier. Coming out as a black wire from the DLC, this bus signal is distributed to each modules thru the green dot connectors shown here. Examples are the Security and Radio modules on top left or the ABS and Transfer Case modules in the bottom right.

Notice the PCM module in the top right: besides having PCI bus signal from the green dot connector that comes from DLC pin 2, it has the following bus signals:

SCI Receive bus from DLC pin 9; SCI Transmit from DLC pin 12 and another SCI Transmit bus signal from DLC pin 7. The Integrated Power Module (IPM) however has only one PCI bus signal from the Front Control module inside this IPM module itself.

Troubleshooting 2005 Dodge R1500 bus network:

When NO COMMUNICATION message comes up in the scanner monitor, it means one of the module or modules shown in this diagram is defective or has failed. It also means the bus wire circuit itself is shorted. You cannot use the scanner because it will not communicate and the only way to check this problem is to use a voltmeter.

Starting from DLC pin 2 terminal, hook up the voltmeter positive lead to it against the ground terminal pin 5. At key on engine off (KOEO), the voltmeter reading should be 5 volts. If not, start disconnecting each modules shown on the left from it's red dot connector. Do it one at a time until the 5 volt reading returns.

Suspected module could be tested for power (12V) and ground (max 0.250 V) voltage reading. Another way is to test the dot connector pins or plugins for tightness. Loose connections can cause intermittent problems. Sometimes, if the bus wire itself is shorted to the ground, that 5 volt reading would be pulled low like any reading below 4 volts. If the voltage reading is shorted to power, it will be pulled high or any voltage higher than 6 volts.

This test described here is only for PCI bus wire testing at DLC pin 2. To test DLC pin 7, move the voltmeter positive lead to DLC pin 7 and do the same test. To verify, disconnect the brown dot connector at PCM module. DLC terminals pin 9, pin 12 and pin 15 are done the same way by disconnecting dot connectors orange, violet and blue respectively in the PCM module.

Finally, IPM module can tested the same way as the PCM module by probing DLC terminal pin 2 and disconnecting at the red dot connector. The actual wiring diagram will show you the exact colors of the bus wires and locations of the modules and connectors.

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