2005 Buick Rendezvous no start crank sensor

SUV problem question:

I have this no start problem that comes and goes. When I used the scanner, found P0335 crankshaft position sensor fault code. Reading ATS fixes, it says to trace the crank sensor wires. When I checked the wiring diagram, found 2 crank sensors: one with 3 wires and other one with 2 wires. Which one do I use for troubleshooting?

ATS Adviser:

Always use that one connected directly with the pcm that has a vref voltage. You have that in the 3 wire crank sensor: red wire to green wire for vref, black wire to yellow black wire for ground and dark green wire to light blue black wire for crank signal. The 2 wire crank sensor is used only for ignition control module.

To troubleshoot this no start crank sensor code; check the green wire from the crank sensor upto to pin 70 at PCM terminal. For continuity, no less than 5 ohms or shorted if higher. To test the circuit underload (preferable), measure the voltage and it should read 12 volts at KOEO. This is not the same 5 volts that we use to see in other vref reading on older GMs.

To test the crank sensor vref, you can disconnect it right at the PCM pin 70 and you should get 12 v there. if not PCM is bad. If you got 12 v, then check the vref wires, or change the crank sensor. Don't forget to the check the other 2 wires (ground and signal) for short or open before replacing the crank sensor.

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