2005 Chrysler PT Cruiser Stereo Head Unit Connections

Shown below are the pins wires coming out of the factory STEREO HEAD UNIT

2005 Chrysler PT Cruiser Stereo Head Unit Connections

Pin 1 Grey White Wire Audio Mix right to instrument cluster Pin 5
Pin 2 Black Wire Audio Return to Instrument panel Pin 4
Pin 3 Dark Green Wire Shielded ground
Pin 4 Violet yellow Wire PCI Bus
Pin 5 White Dark Green Wire Ignition Run/Accessory
Pin 6 White Dark green wire Audio Mix Left
Pin 7 Black wire GROUND
Pin 8 Dark Green Yellow Wire Audio Bus
Pin 9 Orange Tan Wire Panel lamps Driver
Pin 10 Yellow Wire Fused Battery Supply
Pin 11 Black wire GROUNF Supply
Pin 12 Pink Light Blue wire FUSED Battery Supply
Pin 13 no connection
Pin 14 Violet Yellow PCI BUS
Pin 15 no connection
Pin 16 no connection
Pin 17 no connection
Pin 18 Brown Yellow LR SPKR (+)
Pin 19 Brown Light Blue wire (-)
Pin 20 Dark Blue Black RR SPKR (-)
Pin 21 Dark Blue White RR SPKR (+)
Pin 22 Black wire Ground Wire

If you need a detailed stereo wiring diagram showing all the connections
please join ATS as shown on the link below.


LF left front
LR left right
RR right rear
RL right left
RR right rear

SPKR Speaker
GROUND ground supply connection
(+) positive wire connection
(-) negative wire connection

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