2004 BMW M3

Factory Recommended Engine Oil Lubricants and Fluids
Engine Oil Grade SAE 5W-40
Oil Quantity (quarts) 5.8
Manual transmission See BMW manual
Brake Fluid DOT-4
Differential Fluid See BMW manual
Engine Coolant Ethylene Glycol
Coolant Volume 50/50 mix
Power Steering Fluid See BMW manual
Windshield Washer Fluid (has headlamp anti-freeze) See BMW manual


FLUIDS Change Interval in miles (kilometers)

SAE 5W-40------------SAE 5W-0 engine oil every 100,000 miles(160,000 kilometers) together with oil filter

BMWDOT-4 ---------BMW Brake Fluid or equivalent DOT-4 Brake Fluid ( every 2 years or follow service manual)

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