2004 Mazda RX-8 1.3L no start cylinder fuel soaked

Car question:

Just bought this car last week and this is my first rotary engine repair. Yesterday, I started the car and ran fine for 5 minutes but after I parked it, it would not start. I was thinking maybe I flooded it because I can smell gas on the tailpipe when I floored the gas pedal. Took out one spark plug and it looked wet with gas. Cleaned them all and tried starting again but it won't budge. Not sure if I caused the problem or I bought a lemon, can you help?

ATS Adviser:

When older Mazda rotary engines are started, you should really warmed it up to make sure you don't flood the combustion cylinders. However, there is a quick way to fix this problem by removing all the plugs and squirting the cylinder spark plug hole with dextron transmission oil. Then crank it a couple of times to make sure the extra oil comes out and you can put back the clean dried spark plugs. This should start the engine for you and fix the fuel flooding.

Just make sure to undo the ignition system so you don't have spark flying all over the place or if you have a remote starter, you can crank the engine without using the ignition key after you remove all the spark plugs.

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