2004 Infiniti G35 Stereo Head Unit Connections

Shown below are the pins wires coming out of the factory STEREO HEAD UNIT

2004 Infiniti G35 Stereo Head Unit Connections

Pin 0 Antenna Feeder Cable
Pin 1 Black Wire Orange Black white Wire FR LH SPKR (-)
Pin 2 White Orange Blue FR SPKR LH (+)
Pin 3 Red Orange Black Red FR SPKR RH (-)
Pin 4 Green Orange Brown FR SPKR (+)
Pin 5 Green White Wire ANT Signal
Pin 6 Yellow Wire Back-Up
Pin 7 no connection
Pin 8 Red Blue Wire lighting Switch
Pin 9 color not available Shielded GROUND
Pin 10 Light Green Wire GROUND Supply
Pin 11

Pin 33 Green Wire CD LH INPUT (-)
Pin 34 Red Wire CD LH INPUT (+)
Pin 35 White Wire CD RH INPUT (-)
Pin 36 Black wire CD RH INPUT (+)
Pin 37 color not available Shielded GROUND
Pin 38 color not available DATA GROUND
Pin 39 no connection
Pin 41 White Red Wire RX
Pin 42 Brown Red Wire TX
Pin 43 no connection
Pin 44 no connection

Pin 11 color not available GROUND Supply
Pin 12 no connection
Pin 13 Yellow Wire orange Black yellow Wire RR SPKR LH (-)
Pin 14 Brown orange Light Green Wire RR SPKR KH (+)
Pin 15 Pink Orange Black orange Wire RR SPKR RH (-)
Pin 16 Blue Orange orange Wire RR SPKR RH (-)
Pin 17 no connection
Pin 18 White Green Wire Speed Signal
Pin 19 no connection
Pin 20 no connection
Pin 21 np connection
Pin 22 Red Wire Remote Control LA
Pin 24 Red Black Wire NAVION
Pin 25 Yellow Wire
Pin 26 no connection
Pin 27 no connection
Pin 28 no connection
Pin 29 no connection
Pin 30 White Black wire NAVI INPUT (-)
Pin 31 Black wire NAVI GROUND
Pin 32 Blue white Wire NAVI INPUT (+)

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LF left front
LR left right
RR right rear
SPKR Speaker
GROUND ground supply connection
(+) positive wire connection
(-) negative wire connection

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