2004 Dodge Ram 1500 ST 5.7L no start P0700 code

Truck Question:

This truck lost power while being driven and later won't start. Spark test showed OK but there is no fuel. Fuel injector noid test was OK and it made me changed the fuel pump. When it did not work, I also changed the asd and fuel pump relay but all of these did not make any difference. Does my PCM needs replacing too? By the way, it has a P0700 transmission code when I scanned it.

ATS Adviser:

That P0700 code comes AFTER the fuel problem and it has no bearing on your no starts. Since most of the fuel circuit components were replace we need to check the fuel wiring properly before considering a fault in the PCM. When testing the fuel pump, there should be enough voltage to run the pump under load.

Best way to do it is to test the power supply while cranking. If you hook up a voltmeter across pin 9C9 at IPDM module, that will give the voltage supply going to the pump. Record that voltage then transfer your probe at pin 4 right at the fuel pump itself. If the voltage is reduced by 1-2 volts at cranking, that wire needs to be tested. Note: You need the wiring diagram to do this test.

Final Fix:

Got it fixed! I put a jumper wire between those leads and the engine started! Thanks for the tip!

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