2004 Chrysler Town & Country LTD 3.8L no start no communication

Car Question:

I got no 12v from the starter motor at pin 1 wire. Checked the source at starter relay and got no 12 v there when I turned ignition key to start position. Plugged my scanner but it won't communicate with the PCM. I checked the brown white power supply wire from ASD and I don't have 12 volts there either. Fuse 16 is OK at IPDM module and when I tested the power and ground to the PCM, seemed OK too. How do I test this?

ATS Adviser:

For no communication wiring tests:

1.) check the DLC pin 16 and check it for battery voltage against pin 4 or 5. If none check fuse at pin 4C9 at integrated power module (IPM). You can also test if the PCM is shorted by testing pin 4 and 5 against car frame. No voltage reading higher than 0.250 or the circuit is shorted. Make sure the battery is fully charged.

2.) Check the presence of 5 volt at egr solenoid (pin 2). This is the vref signal from the PCM and an indicator if the PCM is working. This can be verified by tracing all the sensors connected to the vref and testing the wires for rubbing causing voltage drop.

3.) Establish if the PCM is connected with the bus network. Check pin 37 white violet wire for presence of 5-7 volts at KOEO. If none, go back to the IPDM and back probe pin 13C3. If none there too, you need a new IPDM which houses the front control module (FCM) to supply the bus voltage. But verify first if the fuse 7 is OK before replacing that part. Also, if you suspect the sentry key remote module is suspect, disconnect and see if the 5-7 volts is restored.

4.) If all the above is OK, then you need a new PCM. You need a wiring diagram to do these tests.

Final Fix:

Replaced the PCM after wirings tested OK. Been 3 weeks now and thanks for your help.

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