2004 AUDI Quattro Stereo Head Unit Connections

Shown below are the pins wires coming out of the factory STEREO HEAD UNIT

2004 AUDI Quattro Stereo Head Unit Connections

Top Group A Pins

Pin 1 Brown wire GROUND
Pin 2 Brown grey Wire Comfort System Control Module
Pin 3 Green Blue wire Computer Data Lines
Pin 4 no connection
Pin 5 no connection
Pin 6 no connection
Pin 7 Red Blue Wire Amplifier Pin 1
Pin 8 Brown wire GROUND

2ND Group for antenna Module (4 Pins)

Pin 1 color not available (connects to 1st antenna module pin)
Pin 2 color not available (connects to 2nd antenna module pin)
Pin 3 color not available (connects to 3rd antenna module pin)
Pin 4 color not available (connects to 4th anttena module pin)

3Rd Group of 20 Pins

Pin 1 Green Wire Pin 21 of amplifier
Pin 2 White Wire Pin 22 of amplifier
Pin 3 Brown wire Pin 8 of amplifier
Pin 4 grey Wire Pin 19 of amplifier
Pin 5 Yellow wire Pin 20 of amplifier
Pin 6 White Wire Amplifier Pin 6 and Pin 24
Pin 7 Orange Violet Instrument Cluster Pin 20
Pin 8 no connection
Pin 9 no connection
Pin 10 Black wire GROUND Shielded
Pin 11 no connection
Pin 12 Orange Brown Wire Instrument Cluster Pin 19
Pin 13 Orange Wire CD Changer Pin 1
Pin 14 Pink Wire CD Changert Pin 4
Pin 15 Black wire CD Changer Pin 2
Pin 16 Bue wire CD Changer Pin 6
Pin 17 Yellow wire CD Changer Pin 8
Pin 18 Brown Black GROUND shielded
Pin 19 White Wire CD Changer Pin 10
Pin 20 Red Wire Cd Changer Unit Pin 7


Pin 1 Grey Wire Telephone Conn.
Pin 2 no connection
Pin 3 Green Wire Telephone Conn.and Control Module for NAV Pin 16
Pin 4 Black Wire Telephone Conn. and Control module for NAV Pin 19
Pin 5 Green Wire telephone Conn. and Control module for NAV PinPin 13
Pin 6 Black Wire control Module for NAV Pin 15
Pin 7 Grey Wire Control Module for NAV Pin 14

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LF left front
LR left right
RR right rear
SPKR Speaker
GROUND ground supply connection
(+) positive wire connection
(-) negative wire connection

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