2003 Saab 2.0L poor emissions and fuel economy mil on

Car problem question:

We have this car that we just bought which has numerous codes: 4 injector codes and 1 turbo code. The previous owner told us it uses a lot of gas and the check engine light would come on after it gets warmed up.

We thought maybe the oxygen sensor is not getting a close loop and decided to changed it but still the codes were there. Reading some of your repair posting, we also check the voltage drop on the power and ground side of the PCM but it did not help. Your advise will be really appreciated.

ATS Adviser:

These symptoms you mentioned are caused normally by a defective PCM. Try these: Go to your TPS actuator wiring diagram and with KOEO, check for the availability of the 5 volt vref in one of the sensor wire terminals. If none existed, most likely the PCM is bad. To verify, check the vref of the MAP sensor too to confirm if 5 volt vref is not shorted to power or ground. Note also that PCM is common fix for this type of symptom.


We called the Volvo dealer and using your method, we were able to verify that the PCM is defective. Since we don't have the Tech 2 scanner needed to program the PCM, we sent the vehicle to them so they can replace the PCM and programmed it. It has been a week now now and the car has been running great with the mill light off. Now this car can pass emission test!

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