2003 Mazda Protege DX 2.0L no start

I noticed my car would hardly start after a long drive. However, if I wait for it to cool down, it would start. It would also almost run poorly or lost power after I cruising for about an hour. Cant tell much about my dash panel since the temp gauge stopped working about 2 years now.

ATS Adviser:

Quick way to test during no start after warmed up is to check the following: do you have good blue spark? steady noid light showing on injector terminals? good compression on the engine? what is your vacuum reading at cranking? maybe the catalytic converter is plugged?

That temperature gage is not right not to be working in your dash panel and you are inviting disaster. You gotta make that work so you can monitor if the engine is overheating. This symptom you gave looks like an over heated engine and unless all the ignition fuse and power/ground supplies are good, this is where you should concentrate.

A handy vacuum gage can check this quickly for you by hooking it up and watching the vacuum gage and see if the needle is dancing when you got it running at idle. This will show a failed cylinder head if you see it. Another way is to check the timing with your scanner and watch the timing when you rev it up. If again it dances, I would test it by checking the timing chain after you open the valve cover.

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