2003 Honda CRV 2.4L no start good mechanical

This car is driving me nuts. This is our company office car and my boss wanted me to fix this problem. The engine mechanical condition has good spark, good fuel (using a noid tester) and excellent combustion reading but no communication with my scanner. Problem is there is: no start and the immobilizer light is not lit?

ATS Adviser:

Check first if you have an immobilizer light working. To test, turn key on and the light should come and quit in seconds. If it does not do that then something is wrong. Problem too if it is lighted up all the time when cranking. Best way to test is to get a ecm wiring diagram and trace the connections. Do the same for ground and bus communication wire at K line which can be found at your DLC pin 7 and measure it with ground pin 5. This K line should measure at 5-7 volts at KOEO (depending on the engine model and options).

Another way to check this Kline if there is no communication at scanner is to unplug the PCM then the abs module one at a time since both of them are bus wired together. If your scanner works when you unplug each module then the last module you touched is the circuit/module to be tested.

There is controlled voltage supply at the pcm terminal (called pin VC C2 at pcm wiring diagram) and this is equivalent to the vref 5 volts signal in the domestic vehicles. That value might fluctuate (between 5-7 volts but check it first to be sure at KOEO) depending to the type of connections it is hooked up to. Finally make sure there is no after-market device installed before starting this job, otherwise, disconnect them first.

Check this approximate bus wiring diagram below for this car. Do this 5 minute test before doing anything like mechanical repairs. When testing the DLC terminals, measure voltage at K-Line pin 15 and make sure you have 5 to 7 volts. If not, the wiring circuit is defective. Note the ground reading at pin 12 and power at pin 8.

2003 Honda CRV Bus Wires

You can get a wiring diagram from most parts stores if you ask for it while buying parts or get it FREE online 24/7 when you join ATS.

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