2003 Ford Focus SE 2.0L No Start with weak spark no fuel

Car problem question:

Wife was driving this 2003 Focus then car started losing power and then quit. Towed it home and checked the battery OK and all wiring connections seems tight. Visually checked engine top for loose vacuum hoses and wirings are were all in order. I checked for spark and it seemed weak. Spark looked orange in color not bluish which I was looking for. Sprayed carb spray and did not help either. Took a compression reading and all of them were above 100 psi except # 1 is 103 psi and #2 is 124 psi. The security light came on briefly during crank and looked OK. All fuses were OK and there were no codes. Where do I start to fix this?

ATS Adviser:

Double check your PATS key light in your dash panel, it should come on during key on and on run but it must quit after a few seconds. Your symptoms seems mechanical issue and you can test that easily with a vacuum gage. With 10 amp fuse removed at fuse 20 at the battery junction box, measure your engine vacuum at any vacuum port like EGR. A good engine should give 3-5 inches in your gage. Zero vacuum is a sure indication that the timing belt is off or jumped a few teeth.


Low vacuum is also caused by failed catalytic converter (CAT) but it should show in the scanner fault codes.


I checked the vacuum reading at cranking and it borders almost zero. Taking the engine valve and front timing cover off, I found the timing belt jumped a few teeth. Check for bent cylinder valves and it's OK. Replaced timing belt and it fired right up. Thanks!

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