2002 Volvo V70 X/C 2.4L no start with crank sensor code

Car problem question:

We just bought a used 2002 Volvo V70 X/C with 5 cylinder 2.4L engine and has no start problem. Using a code scanner, it showed a code 5200 which means engine rpm sensor or crank sensor fault. Is there a specific procedure to replace this crank sensor? I have worked on domestic cars like GMs and Fords but this will be my first time with a Volvo vehicle.

ATS Adviser:

The only issue I know about replacing the crank sensor is it's proximity or location to the engine flywheel. The latter when starting produced some grindings (metal debris or filings) which can corrupt the crank sensor signal.

When replacing this sensor, remove the starter at the same time so you can clean all the area exposed to the crank sensor. A strong magnet can be used to get these metal grindings from the flywheel teeth and give it a good splash of dry air. If you don't have one available, you can use a spray can of brake cleaner to tidy up the area before putting the crank sensor back together.


Thanks for your advise! I used a small vacuum suction pump to clean the area but it was hard to do because there is no room to such a confined space. What I ended doing was to drill a small hole 5/8 in diameter on the bottom of transmission cover and was lucky to suck and flushed all the metal filings from the flywheel gear and sensor area hole. Using a Volvo OEM replacement crank sensor, the engine started without any codes!

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