2002 Toyota Prius hybrid 1.5L no start

Hybrid Question:

This 2002 Prius has gas engine not running with a code P3101 confirmed by my scanner. Do I bring it to the dealer? What can I check myself?

ATS Adviser:

On this Prius 2002 hybrid model, if there is an engine code detected by your OBD2 scanner, you can still fix it using the normal way as you would on a regular non hybrid vehicle. Just make sure not to touch the hi voltage components of the hybrid control wiring circuits (located at the back of the vehicle) and you will be fine.

Here are some important info for you:

1.) The internal combustion engine (ICE) of this vehicle is use solely to supply 12 volts to the hybrid vehicle electronic circuits. This includes those wirings for the engine control system (ecm) and accessories like the lightings (interior and exterior), abs, anti-theft, computer data lines, body functions, electronic power systems and various relays.

2.) Starting and most running functions of the vehicle are done by the hybrid HV battery located at the back of the vehicle. Only trained hybrid mechanics or dealers can touch these circuits for safety.

Since you have an engine code (P3102), you can do the basic checks on the engine like testing the integrity of the the ignition coil and fuel injector wirings using the dvom min-max features or the data stream of the scanner (OBD2).

On occasion where the 12 v battery is completely dead and you want to check the ignition system power and ground circuits, you can connect a 12 volt BOOSTER power at the dead battery and continue your wiring checks at the ignition circuit wirings.

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