2002 Toyota Camry SE 2.4L Misfire Code P0302

Vehicle problem question:

What could cause a constant P0302 misfire code after finding an open wire connection on cylinder # 2 ignition coil? This # 2 coil wire was repaired and was tested with good continuity. When the engine fired up, the miss is still there and showing the same code. I tried swapping ignition coil from another cylinder but the miss is still there?

Toyota Camry Injectors

ATS Adviser: Shown above is the wiring diagram of ignition coil circuit. Although you fixed the IGT wire in coil # 2, this might have affected the driver of the ECM. To test, use a noid light tester and compare each coil wire outputs. The noid light tester should blink at the same rate. If # 2 is different, the ECM is damaged.


Replaced ECM and engine miss is gone!

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