2002 Honda Civic EX 1.7L No Start

Vehicle problem question:

Why would a car starts if I unplug the cam sensor but won't start if I plugged the cam sensor back? No security lights coming on during cranking and there is no fault code when scanned on the scanner.

ATS Adviser: If you scan it and there is a code and scanner has communication with the ECM unplugged then the problem is not electrical. Try checking the vacuum reading at cranking and see what you got. If reading is almost zero, then timing belt is suspect. You can confirm this by getting the engine compression reading. If the average cylinder compression reading is below 100 psi, most likely the timing belt has jumped.

Check this approximate bus wiring diagram below for this car. Do this 5 minute test before doing anything like mechanical repairs. When testing the DLC terminals, measure voltage at K-Line pin 15 and make sure you have 5 to 7 volts. If not, the wiring circuit is defective. Note the ground reading at pin 12 and power at pin 8.

2002 Honda Civic Bus Wires

You can get a wiring diagram from most parts stores if you ask for it while buying parts or get it online when you join ATS.


I dropped the front timing cover and you are correct! Thanks a lot!

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