2001 Toyota Corolla no start igniter problem

Car question:

I was working on the wife's car with no start and has no spark after car was driven for 1 hour. It has an igniter fault code when I scanned it. Duplicating the problem and when in starting mode and checking the IGT signal on my scanner, it looked faded during cranking. Verified igniter coil at negative terminal (brown wire) with test light, did not see any blinks during cranking. After making sure I got power on the igniter at the black white wire connector at koeo, replaced all 4 igniter coils from local parts store. Couple of weeks later, car quit again after engine got warmed up. After we towed it, started again decided to change the fuel pump for maintenance but problem is still there. Please help.

ATS Adviser:

I have heard some issues about using only oem igniters because it seems the aftermarket ones have a high failure rates. However, double check the spark at the coil and if none found, do the same test you did for igniter. Test the IGF and IGT wirings at the ecm terminal if necessary using the wiring diagram. You may check the ignition switch supply at the black white wire connector if there are signs of voltage drop. If not OK, replace the igniter with new OEM units but make sure the connections at plugins are not loose. If possible check the tightness of each plugins and have it secured from vibration and hot surface.

If you have not checked the injectors yet, this might be the right time to do it. Use a noid light tester and compare the brightness of each spark. It must be steady deep blue spark.

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