2000 Chrysler Town & Country LXi 3.8L no start no crank

Car Question:

Why would this minivan won't crank when started? All power supplies to the PCM are good but it does not ground the ASD and starter relays? Even tried replacing the pcm and BCM but still the same?

ATS Adviser:

To fix this symptom, start by scanning for codes and see if the scanner will communicate. A PCM code tells you that communication is OK but if not, here are some tests to restore communication:

1.) Check fuse 3 and 5 at power distribution center if power is supplied to the relays.

2.) check fuse 104 at power distribution center and verify if 12 v is present continuously upto terminal pin 7C1 of the ignition switch. This 12 v supply should come out at yellow wire below the ignition switch in the steering column. This will confirm if the ignition starting wiring circuit is OK or not.

3.) Unplug the starter relay and measure the voltage at pin 30 and 86 which should read 12 volts. If pin 85 has ground signal during cranking, this means the PCM is working.

4.) If PCM does not have ground, check PCM terminal pin 31C1 and verify if ground supply is available there at cranking. If not, check the 5 volt vref supply at pin 61. If this 5 volt signal is missing, replace the PCM.

Check this approximate wiring diagram below for this problem. When testing the DLC terminals, measure voltage between pin 11 {CCD(-)} and pin 3 {CCD(+)} with your voltmeter.

2000 Chrysler Town & Country Bus Wires

You can get a complete wiring diagram from most parts stores if you ask for it while buying parts or join ATS.

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