1999 Dodge Durango SLT 5.9L mil lamp on

Truck Question:

We have this 1999 Durango truck that has a stalling problem. When it does, you have to wait about 30 minutes for it to start again. When you hook up the scanner, it shows no bus communication. I checked the 5 volt reference at tps, crank and map sensors with my voltmeter which were present. What am I missing here?

ATS Adviser:

From your symptoms it seems like the bus wire is either shorted or pulled down by a bad module. To check, go to your DLC pin terminals and verify the power and ground supplies respectively at pin 16 and 4 or 5 terminals. If they are OK, you can check the following bus wires:

Pins 3 and 4 are the main bus wires called CCD bus where pin 3 is positive (+) and pin 11 is negative (-). When testing, it can be done 2 ways: with a voltmeter against ground pin 4 or 5 and expect to get +2.5 volts or -2.5 volts at KOEO. If you disconnect the battery, you can hook up an ohmmeter and should get 60 ohms between them. If not within these ranges, disconnect the following CCD modules: BCM, Instrument cluster, Air bag, ABS and Overhead controller modules.

Pins 7 and 6 are used for scanner internal communication only but must have 5 volts available at KOEO.

A computer data bus wiring diagram is required to be able to see these circuits.

Check this approximate wiring diagram below for this problem. When testing the DLC terminals, measure voltage between pin 11 {CCD(-)} the blue wire and pin 3 {CCD(+)} the yellow wire with your voltmeter.

1999 Dodge Durango Bus Wires

You can get a complete wiring diagram from most parts stores if you ask for it while buying the parts or join ATS.

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