1998 Honda Accord 2.3L dash, seat belt, battery, door and air bag gauges are on and engine quit

Car wiring question


A friend referred me to you after we failed to fix the no-start condition of my 98 Honda Accord. It was working fine all the time and 3 days ago, all gauges started coming on and my turn signal's blinking started getting weak until my engine quit. We thought the battery was bad and we replaced it but the lights in the dash stayed. I have almost lost all my hairs and I do not want to bring this to a garage because it is expensive. Please help.

Vehicle wiring advice

Since you have replaced the battery already, try measuring the battery voltage across the 2 battery terminals. I suspect your alternator is not putting out the voltages necessary to run your vehicle. Normal output on this alternator is 13.6 volts to 14.5 volts and if it is lower than this range, I would take out the alternator. Most parts store can bench test it for you.

If higher than this range, it is over charging. You can check that for signs of boiling in the battery, which is shown by wetness on top of the battery accompanied by a rotten smell in the battery area.


You can also check the voltage output of the alternator by checking the “B” terminal of the alternator shown by either black or white wire.

Disconnect battery negative terminal everytime you work any electrical component.

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