1994 3.0L Dodge Caravan dash gauges not working

1994 Dodge Caravan

Car wiring question

I am a new member and my dash panel gauges on my van quit working 2 days ago. When it happened, the windshield wipers will not work in the delay mode and will not park. After reading your lessons, I checked the instrument panel power source and ground supplies and all their readings are within limits. I use this van for my business and I am really scared that if this is not fix right away, I might get into accident. (Bringing the van to a garage is out of question). Can you help?

Vehicle wiring advice

Every time your gauges go on this vehicle, the problem is usually the BCM or body control module. It controls all the rest of your vehicle functions except engine performance, which is controlled by engine control module (ecm). Start by disconnecting your battery for at least 10 minutes to reset the bcm. Sometimes the bcm locks up and if you disconnect the battery, the bcm will unlock itself.

If resetting the bcm does not correct the problem, try these:

Tap the bcm and see if the gauge lights come on. Open it up and see if you can see inside signs of heat burns, corrosion and moisture. Check the ground connector to the bcm for looseness.

Tips when working on Dodge dash panel gauges:

Bcm is located under the dash and right of the steering column. Disconnect the battery every time you service the bcm. Never replace your bcm with a used one. Every bcm is unique only to every vehicle and they are not interchangeable. After replacement, the new BCM has to be programmed with vehicle ecu. This ensures all your Dodge dash panel gauges will work which are controlled by the BCM.

What ever you do when working under the dash panel, do not touch the yellow-taped wiring harness to avoid accidental deployment of the air bag which will activate even with the battery disconnected. Remember: you do this service at your own risk.

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